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Plumber Kingston, James House, 72A Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5EL

Shower Repair Kingston

Are you happy with your shower? Does it relax you, warm you and generally make you feel pampered? Or is it a bit stingy, rather slow and never the right temperature? Don’t worry – we at the shower Repair Kingston team can help you put it right.

The Shower Repair Kingston Team

As a team based in Kingston we can reach you quickly. Most calls will find us on your doorstep within the hour, ready to tackle your shower.

All our team go for further instructions and keep abreast of all the exiting new things that are coming up in the world of plumbing. Allied with our many years of experience we feel we can successfully tackle anything your shower might throw at us! And the team at Plumbing Kingston Company is a friendly group as well. On the contrary, since we’re n the subject of h9ot water, make sure you keep your boiler sin good working order. This is where our boiler engineers come to offer you a boiler repair Kingston service.

How We Can Help You

  • Install a new shower
  • Repair an older version – if it is worth it
  • Discover and eliminate leaks – this will save you on water bills and possibly save your home or business premises from structural damage
  • Transform a bathroom into a luxury wet room
  • Adjust a shower to enable a person with difficulties to use it safely – adding rails and guards can make a big difference in use and confidence
  • Put in non-slip flooring which is a huge bonus for the frailer customer
  • And, of course, we do emergency shower repairs as well.

In fact, the shower repair Kingston team undertakes any work involving showers – or any other plumbing jobs.

Shower Installation Kingston upon Thames

A bathroom is a very significant room in your house and, sometimes, is regarded as a private space for a lot of homeowners, even when they have their rooms to themselves. There is something that stands out in a well-built bathroom space. Then there’s the shower, where you feel your best. You get engulfed by this stream of warmth washing over you. You do need to make sure that your shower installation is done by a professional who knows where the fittings fit best. You will be pleased to know that our shower installation Kingston upon Thames team knows their craft very well and will deliver beyond your expectations.


We keep our costs low as we feel we are offering a service – plumbing is fun but it is also an integral part of our daily lives and we want to delight our customers. A large percentage of our work comes from referrals – and we believe this is because we give an excellent and cheerful service, as well as solving the plumbing issues. Why not try us out today?

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