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Tips to Discover Whether You Have a Leak

Drip or Deluge?

Some leaks are only too easy to discover. A shower in the living room, a bulging ceiling over the bed, or a flood cascading down the stairs. Best advice: find a bucket and call the plumber!

But other leaks can be damaging your property and even your health without you being aware of them. So, how do you find out if you have a sneaky leak? Here are some tips to discover whether you have a leak.

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Water Bills

Most people merely glance at the water bill or even fail to check at all. But it is worth having a proper look and comparing it with last years. If it seems unexpectedly high, then water is pouring out somewhere. and you’re paying for it!

And then if this has come as a shock, and you have no idea where the leak is coming from, you can do a little detection work before calling the plumber.

Does Your Tap Drip?

Often you tap drips because of a damaged or worn out rubber washer. If you can turn your water supply off, then you can probably replace this yourself by fitting a new washer. But if you have a problem then your plumber can soon fix this.

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The Water Meter

If you have a water meter it is easy to check whether you have leak. Just make sure all the taps are turned off and don’t use any water in machines or the toilet during the test period. Take a meter reading, at the end of the period take another – they should be the same and, of course you can watch the meter. If it continues to move when all sources of water have been stopped – the you can be confident that somewhere you have a leak.

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Is It Your Toilet?

Toilet leaks are common. And frequently silent – although you may hear dripping in the bathroom. And they can waste a great deal of water If you think there might be a leak here, there is a simple dye test you can do. Put a few drops of food colouring into the back of the tank in the toilet, wait about half an hour without flushing and then peer into the toilet bowl. If dye had come through – then you have a leaking toilet.

Luckily, many of the problems with a leaking toilet are quick and easy to repair.

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Small Signs of a Sneaky Leak

Look around you, do you see any damp patches, any areas of mould or patches of rust? These may give you a clue as to where the leak might be. Even a small leak if unattended can damage the fabric of your house after a period of time. In addition, mould can affect people with asthma and allergies making them worse, so it really is worth getting the plumber in.

But, appearance can be deceptive, sometime the leak runs downhill behind your skirting board or under the floor, and the damp patch can be a distance from the point of the leak. Fortunately, getting a service done by plumbers kingston means that your plumber will be able to locate the leak accurately using CCTV, if necessary.


Sometime the problem seems to be with condensation and can be difficult to prevent. It too can damage your walls and ceilings. Sometimes, you can reduce the condensation by lagging your water pipes – and a dehumidifier can be very helpful.

Tips to Discover Whether You Have a Leak to Save You Worry and Money

Wasting water in our eco-aware times can be considered an unfriendly act. So, follow these tips to discover whether you have a leak. For you, the problem is in preventing damage to your property. But, also the cost of the water you are literally pouring down the drain – especially if you pay by the meter. So, check your bills and your meter, seek out damp places and mould – and test your toilet. If you still can’t locate the leak – get in the professional leak detection team – and then they can resolve the problem and stop the leak. You will save money in the long run.

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Tips to Discover Whether You Have a Leak

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