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Plumber Kingston, James House, 72A Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5EL

About Us

About Kingston Plumbers

Kingston Plumbers are your local professional plumbers team. And why are we so good? Why, it’s all down to our team. In fact, our plumbers in kingston upon thames have a part to play, but the team as a whole is a powerful unit for success.

One quality our plumbers share is enthusiasm. Plumbing is more than just a 9-5 job. It’s a fascinating, problem-solving career with practical implications. And we feel so good when we leave our customers happy. At the end of the day – that is our purpose in being here.

What Do We Need to Know?

We need to be able to assess a situation accurately. At times this will means working under pressure – there is not a lot of time to waste when dealing with a massive leak or a jumpy boiler! Indeed, our knowledge of mathematics, science and English will be tested every day. Plumbing is a complicated profession, there is much to learn. And Kingston Plumbers continue their education and attend advanced training courses. We must all keep up with all the latest technology.

Why Choose Us?

The Members

The importance about Kingston Plumbers Company is that all our team members are highly skilled, and many have a special knowledge about some aspect of plumbing. This means that whatever your plumbing issue is, we have the right team member to address it. Also, we pass on our expertise to other team members. We talk about our work and discuss the problems we have met. That way we all reap the benefit of being part of a great team – and you get excellent work every single time.

When you explore our web site you will get to meet some of our more experienced team members. Kingston Plumbers look out for the people just at the start of their careers and are generous in sharing their knowledge. But even the newest plumber has to have passed quite advanced technical examinations to understand what plumbing is all about.

And we should not forget about Kingston Plumbers reception and office staff who give the team solid support. Most importantly, they also help you, the customer, by getting the right person you in a timely manner. Every person in our team is the reason for success.

Fast Response

In addition, another speciality about Kingston Plumbers is their fast response for your emergency plumbing situations. We know the area around Kingston. Therefore, it is easier for us to reach you, without traffic delays and getting lost issues. We also know of any local problems which might have been plaguing other people in our area. And when you have an urgent problem, like burst pipes or over flowing toilets. Crucially, you know you can depend upon us to reach you quickly.

Reasonable Fees

At Kingston Plumbing Company we believe in an honest price for an honest day’s work. So, our fees are transparent – you will never discover hidden costs when it is too late. And we only charge for the work done, we charge by the hour. As our transport costs are minimal we can pass on this saving to our customers.

Our plumbers will give you the right advice. And always, they will complete repairs where this is the best option. But our plumbers will inform you if you would save money in the long term by installing more up-to date equipment. At the same time, they will never pressure you to buy what you do not need. Trust about Kingston Plumbers services and stay relaxed.

What We Offer

We offer plumbing services to homes throughout the area. And we also serve industry, commercial properties and offices, in and around Kingston. In fact, you will find that our range of services extends from the very small jobs to major undertakings. If you need your radiators bled, then we are happy to come and do it for you. Therefore, if you need a new shower installed – we are the people to do it for you. Then again, if your boiler is malfunctioning, get in touch with us now.

So, call us if you have any plumbing problem.

Our Team at Kingston Plumbers

Owner/ Operations – Tim Harrison

Tim is the owner of Plumber Kingston. Especially, his dedication is the reason for our success at Local Plumbing Kingston Company. Also his aim is to be the best plumber service provider in Kingston. So, good quality work and getting to work on time is essential for us. He wants us to maintain a good relationship with customers. As customer satisfaction is our priority within the business, we know that it is very important to satisfy customers. His friendly style is one of his major qualities.

Chief Plumbing Inspector – Collin Edwards

Collin’s role is as Kingston chief plumbing inspector. His duty is to check the quality of all our plumbing work. He has been with us for over 6 years. It not an easy job to inspect others works. In your Local Kingston Plumbing Company, Collin is the ideal one for the job. He has many years of experience in the plumbing industry and he is friendly character as well. He is not tough when he advise someone. Always he points others to the correct path in a calm way. This is highly appreciated by other plumbers.

Customer Representative – Mike Stane

The role of Kingston customer representative is played by Mike Stane. He is clever at making good relationships with others. His calm and quiet manner helps him to attract others. From many years of experience, he has a good knowledge about the plumbing job. He finds it easy to identify what the customers need because of this. Just our plumbers and supervisors play an important role in our business so Mike also plays his own special part at Plumbing Kingston Company.

General Plumbing Specialist – David McCoist

David is our Kingston plumbing specialist. He has been with Kingston Plumbing Company, from the beginning of our business. He is an expert in any field related to plumbing. Whether it is a drain repair, central heating issues, boiler repairs or any other job, he knows how we can solve the problem. His experience and knowledge help him to work to a high standard. He is a humble character even though he is the plumbing specialist in Plumber Kingston.

Greetings! It's your Local Plumber at your service. We offer boiler, drainage, and general plumbing solutions in London. So how may we serve you today?