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Plumber Kingston, James House, 72A Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5EL


Plumber Kingston Services


Shower repair service

When taking a shower is no longer pleasant because of a defective shower, you should contact the Kingston team. We understand showers and all the different designs, safety features, shower heads – and, of course the pipe work that goes with them. And should you wish to install a new shower, we can show you the latest models and fit it for you, together with a beautiful surround.

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Boiler Repair Service

At the centre of your heating and hot water system your boiler works away – usually without complaint, especially if you arrange for regular health and safety check-ups. Gas or electric, our gas-safe registered plumbers can service your boiler, repair it or, install an entirely new system for you. Service it in summer and enjoy it in winter!

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Radiator Repair Service

It’s only when your radiators fail that you really notice them. There are many designs on the market, and many small faults we can sort out quickly. Sometimes the problem need more than just a quick bleed though. We have the power flushing equipment to clean out the inside of your radiator – if that is what it needs. For a full expert assessment ring Kingston Plumbers.

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Blocked Drains Repair Service

Blocked drains are a real nuisance. Kingston plumbers use special equipment to seek out and clear the block. Even when it is hard to reach, our CCTV will guide us to it. We can do trenchless repairs to drains within your property, for which you are responsible. Also, we can offer advice to prevent it happening again in the near future.

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Other Services

Blocked Toilet Repair

If your toilet is blocked the best thing you can do is to call Plumber Fulham. If you try to push the block down, there is good chance you will simply force it further into the system, and make it harder to reach. We have the tools to do the job effectively. Sometimes water or sewage can back up in your bath or basin, then you really do need to get us out as it is a sign that the block is deep down in the main pipe and beyond your reach.

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CCTV drain surveys are helpful when it comes to drain maintenance. Through this kind of inspection, you will be able to identify any drain-related problems before they escalate. It is best to get them done yearly, preferably before winter.



Bathroom renovation Kingston services can help modify your old, tired space into something eye-catching. Our team at Plumber Kingston will create the ideal oasis for you. You can get to experience a beautiful bathroom and enjoy it for years to come. So, if you’re thinking of a change and considering a facelift for your bathroom, then you’re in the right place.


Leak Detection

Leaks can be all too obvious or hiding sneakily away behind cupboards and walls. In either case, an expert plumber is called for. Our emergency leak detection service can be sorting it our within the hour, before structural damage takes place – and if you have a hidden leak, we will discover it and stop it. Our CCTV can be an invaluable tool in these situations.

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Local Plumber

When you call Kingston Plumbers you are calling the local team to your aid. We take pride in our work in and around Kingston, our local knowledge can be very useful in terms of local plumbing problems and local regulations. We can also arrive at your destination rapidly in cases of emergency. In addition, our local reputation depends upon our professional approach and the high standard of all our work.

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Heating Repair Service

Feeling cold is a miserable experience – but you do not have to feel that. Plumber Kingston services providing team is here to help. We understand the many varieties of heating system, and can make sure you have an efficient, and cost-effective arrangement for your heating. Our plumbers are well trained to ensure your premises stay warm in the coldest weather.

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Main Features

At your Local Plumbing Kingston Company services we offer many different types of work, some jobs big, some jobs small. We work in homes and offices around the area of Kingston, and always, we offer service of a high quality for affordable fees. And, we treat our customers in the way we ourselves would wish to be treated.

What Sort of Service Do You Wish for? 

A service that is quick? And one that is reliable? Also a service that is thorough and complete. Additionally, you might expect a skilled and knowledgeable plumber to respond to your call for help, and you would appreciate a friendly face and a relaxed and pleasant manner.

If you would wish for these things, then Plumber Kingston services is the place to come.

These Are Just Some of the Different Types of Other Plumber Kingston Services Which We Offer:

Greetings! It's your Local Plumber at your service. We offer boiler, drainage, and general plumbing solutions in London. So how may we serve you today?