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How to Find the Main Sewer Line in Your House

Finding the main sewer line in your home can be a challenging task. You may have wondered how to find the main sewer line in your house? That’s fine. After all, not all of us can be expert plumbers. But sometimes, we are in a position to find out exactly where the sewer line is. When you need to extend your existing property or build a new one, note down the position of the sewer lines and drains. If you are a bit puzzled, do not fuss! This article was created by our team at Plumber Kingston. It will help you to find the main sewer line in your house and give you instructions on how to clean it.

How to Find the Main Drain in Your House

If you want to locate the main sewer line in your house, start with the main drain. The flow of wastewater and used water out of your home will follow a specific path. It goes like this – Individual drains lead to the main drain, in turn leading to the lateral line and then to the drain field. Every drain or outlet in your house leads to the main drain. An excellent way to locate the main sewer line is to follow any draining pipeline in your home – it will lead to the main drain.

How Do You Locate the Main Sewer Line in Your House?

Sometimes, finding the main drain might be enough to map out the location of your main sewer line. Here are a few other ideas to help you locate the main sewer of your house:

  • Basement and Garage – If your house has a basement, garage, or crawl space, you might have some luck searching there. Usually, sewer lines can be found in the basement of a house. The main sewer pipeline can be as thick as four inches and have a screw cap – this will help you identify it.
  • Ask the Previous Owners – If someone else previously owned your house, you might have to give them a ring to learn more about the structure’s plumbing business. Asking the previous owners can be your jackpot moment. And even if you don’t find luck there, check in with your neighbours. Chances are high that both your house and your neighbour have a similar plumbing line setup.
  • Get in Touch with the City Municipality – This is a rigorous task, but it has its benefits. The city municipality will most likely have the map of the underground utilities of its citizens. You can get a copy of your sewer lines by contacting the city municipality.
  • Hire a Drain Mapping Service – Sometimes, emergencies cannot wait – if you are in a hurry to locate the main sewer line of your house, hire a drain mapping service. With special tools such as CCTV survey tools, these people will make your work easier.

How Do I Know if There is a Clog in My Main Sewer Line?

Are you worried that your main sewer line is acting up but cannot confirm it? Worry not! These are signs of a clog in your main sewer line and need a clean-up soon. Also, keep in mind that our team at Blocked Drain Kingston are well-equipped to handle this kind of job. All you have to do, is get in touch with us. Moving on, do check out the below signs:

  • Problems in individual drains – When the main sewer line is at fault, the individual lines start showing symptoms. Some common signs are bad smell, slow water flow, gurgling, and backflow.
  • Wastewater in sewage cleanout – The cleanout is an extension of the main sewer line and makes cleaning easy. If there is drainage in the cleanout, it’s time to check the main line.
  • Backflow in toilets – One of the most common signs, the backflow of wastewater in any outlet is a sign of a sewer line clog.

How Do I Clean Out My Main Sewer Line in My House?

You can remove clogs from a sewer line using a garden hose and a pipe auger or drill. Alternatively, services offered through us also include CCTV Drain Survey Kingston, where sophisticated tools are used to diagnose blockages. If the drainage problem seems too complex, then the drainage specialist might need to go for this procedure.

Step 1: After locating the main drain and the cleanout, loosen the cleanout cap with a pipe wrench. Do not proceed in a single motion – the built-up pressure may spew drainage everywhere.

Step 2: Take the cap off and let the sewage spill out. Move away from the line and wait for some time before you approach the cleanout again.

Step 3: Now, use the drill for cleaning. Slowly send it into the drain and run it down till you feel the clogs disappear.

Step 4: Wash the drill with the hose after removing the clogs. Wash it down full force, so all the debris falls back into the sewage.

With this in mind, we hope you got an answer to how to find the main sewer line in your house? So, when cleaning time arrives, be ready. Wear waterproof gloves and boots while cleaning – they keep you dry and clean from all the debris!

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